Sunday, October 11, 2009

spare no expenses

Unfortunately for Trevor I'm a little on the thrifty side so here is what you get for $35 in ironwood MI

and yes this space heater is for heating the room.

shocked to say the least when we opened the curtains the morning of the race.

I'll put up with less than optimal accommodations and a little snow for the spectacular scenery of northern Wisconsin during leaf peeping season.

The one thing that was definitely the topic of the morning was how to dress. It was very much a departure from what we have been training in. Trevor and I stopped at Walmart and purchased some tops we could toss a couple miles into it. (That worked out well). I was not able to pull off a BQ, I ended up cramping after mile 17 (as usual) but after slowing down to almost a 9 min pace I was able to complete the race without walking any of it(I'm very happy with that. I crossed the finish line in3:30:21, 10 min off my BQ.

Trevor busted his PR by 12 min. 3:25
and Renee qualified for Boston, congrats to both of them

To say the least I was wiped out after the race.

after a little rest I was able to make my way to the beer tent to enjoy a beer, brat, chili and recount the trials and tribulations of the race with friends.

This was without a doubt a memorable weekend.

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